Neuroscience Research Center

Cecilia J. Hillard, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, is the Director of the Neuroscience Research Center.

The Neuroscience Research Center is a newly-created center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The goals of the Neuroscience Research Center are to enhance basic and translational neuroscience at MCW through the development of an MCW-wide programmatic plan for neuroscience research. Through added strength in neuroscience research, MCW will enhance and differentiate clinical care at MCW and its affiliates. The Neuroscience Center will seek to become well-integrated with MCW departments and other centers, particularly the Center for Imaging Research, and with neuroscientists at other institutions in Milwaukee.

There are over 40 faculty members at MCW in 13 different departments who are involved in neuroscience research. The Neuroscience Research Center will facilitate the research endeavors of these faculty by providing:

  • Opportunities for meeting and interacting with other neuroscientists
  • Administrative support for the development of multi-investigator grants and for the identification of potential collaborators
  • A rodent behavioral core
  • Research mentoring for junior faculty, particularly those in clinical departments

Areas of neuroscience research strength at MCW include:

  • Synaptic plasticity
  • Mechanisms of neurodegeneration
  • Consequences of neurotrauma
  • Neuroprotective strategies
  • Mechanisms of drug addiction
  • Vision, from the retina to the visual cortex
  • Pain pathways and mediators
  • CNS regulation of cardiovascular and respiratory function
  • Human cognition
  • Consciousness and anesthetic action
  • Neurodevelopment