Additional Dual-Degree Opportunities

For students who wish to pursue careers as medical scientists, the College offers programs leading to either the MS and MD degrees or to the PhD and MD degrees. The graduate-level coursework offered and the research programs available make it possible for students to work toward a graduate degree while pursuing studies for the MD degree. The time necessary to complete requirements for both degrees varies according to the extent of overlap of introductory medical and graduate courses, and the time needed to complete the dissertation or thesis research required for the graduate degree.

Admission is through separate application to the Graduate School for the graduate program and to the Medical School for the MD program. Acceptance into one program does not assure acceptance into the other. It is possible to enter the second degree program after studies have begun in either the MD or a graduate degree program. Persons interested in this opportunity should consult the Medical College of Wisconsin Medical School Bulletin for details regarding the MD program.