Ravi P. Misra, PhDThe Medical College of Wisconsin is committed to the creation of new knowledge through biomedical research, and to the application of new knowledge for improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human disease and injury. This commitment is reflected across all educational programs at the College, including advanced study in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The central mission of the Graduate School is to train the scientists and health care workers of the future. The academic programs we offer at the Graduate School reflect this mission. Our programs are designed to give students from a wide variety of backgrounds a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences and the opportunity to specialize in a subject area at the leading edge of biomedical research.

To maintain a faculty-student ratio of nearly one-to-one, and to ensure that enriching educational and research opportunities are available for every student, the Graduate School admits a limited number of new students each year. For these students, we are dedicated to ensuring an intellectually challenging graduate education experience that will position you well for a future career in the biomedical sciences.

I invite you to explore the many academic opportunities that the Graduate School has to offer by reading about our graduate programs in this bulletin, by looking us up on the web, and getting in touch with us personally for additional information. I can assure you that graduate study at the Medical College will present you with an excellent opportunity for intellectual growth and the development of research skills in biomedical science.

Ravi P. Misra, PhD
Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at The Medical College of Wisconsin has as its primary mission the provision of graduate study and research training opportunities for degree-seeking students wishing to study in an interdisciplinary environment and desiring to achieve intellectually stimulating careers in the biomedical sciences.

Statements of Purpose

  • Approve and supervise quality graduate educational programs consistent with freedom of inquiry and student welfare.
  • Recruit and retain excellent graduate students, including minority students, from a large pool of candidates.
  • Financially support graduate students competitively with other institutions.
  • Provide access of students to highly skilled faculty in adequately staffed graduate programs.
  • Make supportive academic counseling and research mentoring available to students.
  • Furnish course and laboratory work in the biomedical sciences that yield a productive graduate educational experience.
  • Ensure engagement of students in a high-quality research program under the supervision of a mentor and committee of graduate faculty.
  • Assess student performance according to defined criteria and standards.
  • Facilitate offers of rewarding postdoctoral and employment positions to graduates.
  • In all activities, ensure freedom of inquiry and equity of resource access for all graduate students and members of the graduate faculty.
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