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NIH Grant Applications

NIH is one of the key federal agencies that supports research endeavors here at MCW.

NIH Budgets

The NIH applications will include either the R&R Budget or Modular Budget, but not both.

Just In Time (JIT)

Notices are automatically released to all applicants with an impact score of 40 or less, with the expectation only those applicants with a score within the specific Institute or Center pay line will submit JIT.

Post Submission Materials

The NIH allows limited post-submission (supplemental) materials to be submitted after a grant application, but prior to initial peer review.

Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

RPPR is used by grantees to submit, as applicable, progress reports on an annual, F-RPPR, and Interim RPPR to NIH on their grant awards.

No Cost Extension (NCE)

An NCE is a one-time extension for up to 12 months beyond the original project period end date.


NIH requires the submission of final Closeout documents within 90 days of the end of grant support after a funded grant has expired, terminated, or transferred.

Change of Grantee

NIH prior approval is required for the transfer of the legal and administrative responsibility for a grant-supported project from one legal entity to another.


NIH Grants applications due on or after January 25, 2018 will use new Grants Application Forms, commonly referred to as FORMS-E.

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