Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee

The MCW Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee (hSCRO) provides oversight on all ethical issues related to the derivation and research use of specific human stem cell lines conducted at MCW. Review and approval by the hSCRO is in addition to other MCW policies, federal and state regulations, and laws governing research.

hSCRO oversight includes:

  • All research using human embryonic stem cells (hESCs)
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) regardless of source
  • Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs)  in vitro expected to yield gametes
  • Transplantation of hPSCs or multipotent human neural stem cells into animals


Guidelines for the hSCRO (DOCX) are in effect as of 9/1/09. It is expected that on-going projects will submit to the hSCRO by 9/30/09. New projects that fall within the scope of the hSCRO may not begin without prior written approval of the Committee.

Application Form

The Medical College of Wisconsin Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee Application (DOCX)


Status of NIH Applications and Awards July 15, 2009

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