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Owners of other sites may link to the Medical College of Wisconsin Site with prior permission. To obtain permission, submit the specifics of your request in writing to:

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A condition of permission is your agreement to remove such link upon request from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Logo Standards
The logos on this website reflect the Medical College of Wisconsin's strong affiliations with Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital and Health System.

Our identity is vital to our success
The identity of the Medical College of Wisconsin influences opinions, attitudes and decision-making. For this reason, we have adopted identity standards to present a strong, clear and unified identity.

The basic standards and guidelines of the Medical College of Wisconsin's Identity Standards are available to staff via the College's intranet. The consistent use of these standards helps to represent the Medical College of Wisconsin as an institution of strength, high quality and integrity.

Medical College of Wisconsin employees may use the Intranet website from their office computers.

Contact Us About Questions on Use of Logos
If you have questions on how to use official logos for the Medical College of Wisconsin, Medical College Physicians or affiliations between the Medical College and Froedtert Hospital and the College and Children's Specialty Group, please contact the following:

Medical College of Wisconsin/Office of Communications
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