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ScienceSlides Online is a library of 3,000+ high quality slides in biomedical fields that can be used for lectures, presentations, and publications. Categories include Biochemistry, Biology, CommonShapes, Methods, Molecular Pathology, Pharmacology, and Signaling. Access is available via the MCW network.

The subscription license permits MCW users to edit the slides in PowerPoint for specific needs. See the ScienceSlides Online license agreement FAQ below for important compliance information. The FAQ is also available on the ScienceSlides Online site.

Slides can be browsed by category, tag (keyword), title, or last modified. A search option is also available to search by tag. Click on a slide to go to the page with more information about the slide and a download link. Each download consists of a PowerPoint slide and a file with the license information. 

Downloaded PowerPoint slides are in vector graphics and in PPT or PPTX format, independent of Windows or iOS operating systems. The illustrations have numerous individual components to them, which makes customization very easy.

The vendor recommends using a desktop or laptop computer to download and modify the slides since the vendor hasn't tested the resource on mobile devices or tablets with available read-only Apps.

There should be Welcome MCW branding at the top right of the ScienceSlides Online page. It is not necessary to log in or create an account to access the subscription. Please contact us if you experience any difficulties accessing the resource.

ScienceSlides Online License and Copyright FAQ

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  How many slides can I use in oral presentations?

Users may use an unlimited number of slides in their oral presentations, both in-house (on campus) and during external scientific conferences.

  May I use ScienceSlides in printed and digital materials?

VisiScience allows licensed users unlimited use of VisiScience ScienceSlides for in-house (on campus) lectures and seminars, both in print as lecture handouts, and as on screen presentation materials. Licensed users may post ScienceSlides material in public places, such as posters or websites, under condition that it cannot be copied or downloaded in a re-usable electronic form. Licensed users may post ScienceSlides objects & slides at the institutional internal websites with restricted external access with the understanding that such access is limited to internal teaching purposes and cannot be accessed from the outside of the particular teaching course (individual license) or outside of the institution (institutional license) by unauthorized public. Licensed users are also allowed to use, without obtaining written permission from VisiScience Corp., up to 5 images (slides) in their printed and digital work, such as scientific publications in periodic scientific journals. In such cases at least one author in the publication must be a licensed ScienceSlides user.

  Are there restrictions for using ScienceSlides from VisiScience?

Written permission must be obtained for the use of ScienceSlides objects by licensed users in books and book chapters and in any other printed and digital form that is aimed for commercial use. Unauthorized use of ScienceSlides objects, distribution of graphical objects and slides to third parties, allowing to use ScienceSlides by third party for further unauthorized use and for any commercial purposes is prohibited and violates US and International Copyright protection laws.

  Should I acknowledge the use of VisiScience slides?

The acknowledgement of using VisiScience ScienceSlides in oral presentations or in printed materials is not required though is highly encouraged. Proposed acknowledgement texts: "Slides were prepared using ScienceSlides from VisiScience" or "Slides were generated using ScienceSlides graphics from VisiScience".

ScienceSlides Online Support

Please contact VisiScience at (919) 493-8996 or if you have questions regarding use of the slides or the license agreement.

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