Funding Alert Service Team: Search Request Form

Faculty may complete the Search Form below and submit it electronically to MCW Libraries. A librarian will receive the form, run the search and email the results within 5-10 business days from the submission. An email notification service is also available: opportunities meeting the specified criteria will be emailed on a weekly basis when new results are found in the database.

If you have questions about the form, please contact the MCW Libraries at or (414) 955-8302.

Please fill out as many fields as are applicable (those with a * are required). More information from you will result in more targeted opportunities.





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Some funding opportunities are restricted by activity location. By default, we only search for opportunities that provide funding for projects in Wisconsin. This can limit the number of results. Please tell us if you're interested in funding opportunities in any of the following:

Any other state in the US

Any country in North America (would include opportunities in Canada and Mexico)

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Some funding opportunities are restricted by citizenship/residency. Please indicate all citizenships/residencies that you or your potential collaborators can claim:

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There are different types of funding available in our database. By default we include all funding types in our search to retrieve the most results. Please check off any funding types you would like us to exclude from our search:

Collaboration or Cooperative Agreement

Dissertation or Thesis

Equipment/Materials Acquisition/Facility Use

Facility Construction or Operation


Postdoctoral Award

Program or Curriculum Development




Visiting Personnel

Some funding opportunities have certain requirements attached. By default we include all opportunities regardless of requirement to retrieve the most results. Please check off any requirements you would like us to exclude from our search:



Graduate Student



Persons With Disabilities

PhD/MD/Other Professional

Small Business

Undergraduate Student


Additional instructions: please let us know if there additional refinements or instructions for your search. These could include deadlines, amount minimums or maximums, sponsor types (e.g. federal vs. private), etc. (Note: each additional refinement could yield fewer results.)


Note: per MCW policy, all faculty and staff must work through the Office of Development before approaching private foundations for funding.