Library on Request Ordering Instructions


Ordering Instructions for Library on Request using ILLiad

There are two ways to place a document delivery request in ILLiad, the software used for MCW Libraries' Library on Request system.  Both methods require that the requester complete a registration for an account.

To register for an account:

  1. Go to the login screen for ILLiad
  2. Click on "First Time Users."
  3. Read the information which you are presented including the First Time ILLiad User's FAQ.
  4. When you are finished reading the FAQ, click your browser's Back button to return to the First Time User Registration for ILLiad page.
  5. Fill out the registration form completely.  Make sure to complete all the fields that are preceded by a red asterisk.  If you miss one, you will have to review the entire form to make sure that all the fields are filled in completely as some will reset.
    • Please help us by inputting your official department name.  Do not use abbreviations.
    • We encourage our users to select their full email address as their username.  This will help to ensure that you have chosen a unique username and that you will not accidentally register for ILLiad twice.
    • Your password can be anything you like and can be changed by choosing the "Change Password" link after logging in.  If you forget your password, you can have your password reset automatically by clicking on "Forgot Password?" on the ILLiad login screen.

To order a document by typing the request:

  1. Go to the login screen for ILLiad.
  2. Log in using your login and password and click the Logon to ILLiad button.  If you do not already have a login, follow the instructions above.
    • If you have a login and forgot your password, click on the "Forgot Password?" link.
    • If you have forgotten your login, try using your full email address as your login.  Otherwise, call the library at (414) 955-8300.
  3. The first screen you come to will be all of our outstanding requests.  These are the requests which are still in our system and have not been completed yet.
  4. On the left menu under "New Request," choose the form which is most appropriate for the type of document that you want to order.  If the item is anything other than an article or a book chapter, choose Book or Other Item.
  5. Complete the form.  All fields marked with red asterisks are required.  If you do not have the required information, enter a question mark.  However, in many cases the required fields are essential for the library to understand what material you need.
  6. Read the copyright statement at the bottom of the request.  If you accept the conditions of the copyright statement, click "Submit Request."
  7. Make sure that your request is in the system by checking your outstanding requests.  Your request should be on the list with a status of either Awaiting Regular or Rush DocDel Processing.

 To order a document from within a database:

  1. Search for your citations in one of MCW Libraries' databases.
  2. Click on the GetIt from MCW Libraries button. A new browser window will pop open.
  3. If the item is available electronically, you can print, read or download the item.  Some databases have a timeout; if you take too long with the article, you may lose your database session.
  4. If the item is not available electronically, you will be taken to a menu.  One of the options will be MCW Library On Request / Request an Article.  Click on it.
  5. A new web page will pop open and you will be sent to the logon screen for ILLiad.  Log in. **
  6. A form with the citation information already completed will open.  Review the form.
  7. Add any additional information particular to this request such as the date by which you need the item, whether you want the request rushed, the purpose for your request, and any notes or other information you want to convey.
  8. Click on the Submit button if you agree to the copyright statement.
  9. If you believe you will be ordering additional documents during this search session, do not log out of ILLiad.  Return to the browser window with your search and order additional requests as needed.
  10. When you are done with your search, log out of ILLiad.  ILLiad has a 30 minute timeout, so you will be logged out automatically if you do not log out.

**Please note: If you have not registered before, click on First Time Users and register.  Once registered, you can click on the MCW Library On Request/Request an Article link a second time to order the item.