8-16-17 ebrary Migration to Ebook Central

Aug. 16, 2017 - Beginning at 1 PM CDT on Wednesday, August 16th, the MCW Libraries' ebrary collection will be migrated to the Ebook Central platform. The migration may take up to 3 hours. You may use ebrary during the migration. No downtime is expected. 

The ebrary product links on library pages will be changed to Ebook Central links after migration is complete.

The Ebook Central homepage will look different than the ebrary homepage, but the ebook reader will be the same as on the ebrary platform. Create an alphabetical title list for browsing by clicking on the Search button without entering any keywords in the search box followed by sorting by title.

It may take up to 7 days for SEEK records to include Ebook Central links. The ebrary links in the records will redirect to the corresponding Ebook Central links in the meantime.

Although you have through the end of 2020 to change ebrary links to Ebook Central links in your documents and web pages, it is best to change the links sooner rather than later.

Continue to use your proxy server login credentials to access your bookshelf or download content on the Ebook Central platform.   

User accounts are brought forward, and you are provided the option of migrating your ebrary bookshelf when you log into Ebook Central and click on the Bookshelf tab. Contact ebooksupport@proquest.com directly if you need technical support migrating your bookshelf.

For more information, contact the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries at (414) 955-8302 or asklib@mcw.edu.