What’s new in PubMed

May 4, 2017 - Learn about some recent changes and upgrades to PubMed.

Conflict of interest statement

PubMed is now displaying conflict of interest statements below the abstract when the information is supplied by the publisher. This allows for greater transparency about how the research was funded. For those without access to the full text of the article, having this information up-front lets readers become aware of potential biases in the research outcomes.

Conflict of Interest


Best match – new sort option in PubMed

PubMed introduced a new algorithm for finding highly relevant articles called ‘Best Match.’ Use this sort option to find articles that are most relevant to your search.  If you are using the link to PubMed LinkOut via the MCW Libraries’ website, the default sort order for your search is ‘Most Recent,’ which displays the newest articles first. Changing the sort to best match is simple! Change the ‘Sort by’ from Most Recent to Best Match.

Best match


New search filters in PubMed LinkOut

If you are using the link to PubMed LinkOut  via the MCW Libraries’ website, you may have noticed some new filter options on the right side of the screen. Use these filters to narrow down your search to different article types, like systematic review or review articles; or to find articles that support clinical decision making in the areas of diagnosis, prognosis, etiology and therapy. There is also a filter that finds articles published by MCW affiliated authors.

Search filters


If you have questions about these updates, please contact the MCW Libraries. If you are interested in keeping up with changes to PubMed, like our MCW Libraries Facebook page We use this page to promote library resources and share articles related to information in the digital age.