Health Statistics

Many resources for finding health statistics are available at MCW Libraries. Finding statistics is often a difficult process for various reason:

  1. The needed statistics may not have been collected by anyone.
  2. Since it takes time to compile statistics, the data available may be several years old.
  3. Data can be calculated or collated using various methods.

Journal Articles:
Most statistical data never make it into books and reports. However, statistical data is more commonly published in journal articles. Locating these statistics through databases such as PubMed/Medline and CINAHL can be difficult and challenging.

  • Helpful Medline Keywords: "statistics and numerical data," epidemiology, mortality, incidence, prevalence or population surveillance (see also the NLM Subject Guide listed below)
  • Helpful CINAHL Keywords: epidemiology, disease surveillance, disease registries, morbidity, mortality, or epidemiological research


  • Books focusing on specific topics are available. Search SEEK using a keyword for your topic and the word "statistics" or "SAS" or "statistical analysis."