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The MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association hosts an event for medical students
Medical students from MCW’s three campuses enjoyed a Milwaukee Brewers game on August 11. The MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association hosted a tailgate-style lunch for the students earlier that day.

On August 11, the casual, yet contagious, energy of the Medical College of Wisconsin's Alumni Center belied the fact that a major milestone had been reached. At this "tailgate-style" luncheon for MCW's first-year medical students, many wore Milwaukee Brewers jerseys or t-shirts because the festivities continued that afternoon with a baseball game at Miller Park. What appeared on the surface as a day of fun for MCW's newest medical students was, in fact, a significant moment for MCW: the lunch and Brewers game marked the first activity bringing together first-year medical students from all three MCW campuses (Central Wisconsin, Green Bay and Milwaukee).

This event, and numerous other student activities throughout the year, are made possible by the MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association. Student support for social activities, learning experiences and/or mentorship opportunities has long been a guiding tenet of the Alumni Association. By enriching students' experiences, alumni help nurture pride and loyalty in MCW. In turn, this sense of pride and loyalty fosters an engaged alumni community. In some cases, the connection to the Alumni Association starts before individuals are even "officially" students.

"The Applicant Host Program provides social functions prior to each applicant's interview day," says Haverly Snyder, second-year medical student and co-president of the Applicant Host Program. "This allows applicants to meet with current students and gain a deeper understanding of what makes MCW special. We constantly receive letters of appreciation for holding these socials. They would not be possible without the assistance of the MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association."

Alumni Association Awards Call for Nominations

The MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association currently is seeking nominations for its annual awards program.

Categories include:

  • Medical School Alumna/Alumnus of the Year
  • Graduate School Alumna/Alumnus of the Year
  • Humanitarian
  • Distinguished Service
  • Honorary Alumnus/Alumna

Visit the MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association website to view criteria and submit a nomination; it only takes a few minutes!

Deadline for nominations is December 31, 2016. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (414) 955-4781 for additional information.

Second-year medical student Michael Gehring adds, "As an applicant traveling from out of town, through the Applicant Host Program I was graciously welcomed into the home of two upperclassmen prior to my interview at MCW. Not only did they provide a welcoming place for me to stay, they also helped me to experience the close-knit culture of the school – as I was introduced to several of their peers. It is the generosity of MCW's alumni that makes programs like this possible, and I am sincerely grateful."

The Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation and the Alumni Association co-sponsor "Operation: Education," which brings together M1 and M2 students, alumni and community providers. This activity, which is scheduled for January 2017, offers students a casual, relaxed environment to meet physicians from all specialties and types of practice. It also is an opportunity to network, ask questions and discuss various physician career paths.

And, while learning and mentorship opportunities are critical, alumni also understand the necessity of time away from studying and career planning. For example, the Alumni Association sponsored an opportunity for MCW-Green Bay students to attend a local minor league baseball game.

"We shared stories and realized that even though we were all at different locations, in different rotations, we really weren't as alone as it felt," notes second-year medical student Matthew Wheeler, adding that the experience reenergized him and his fellow students. "We all really appreciated that the Alumni Association was thinking about us up in Green Bay!"

As MCW continues to grow, so does the Alumni Association's committment to students. Green Bay and Central Wisconsin campuses are working with the Association to develop student and alumni programming.

On March 17, 2017, the Alumni Association will continue its sponsorship of MCW's post-Match Day festivities.

Graduate students, residents and fellows also benefit from the Alumni Association's unwavering support on an annual basis. Now in its 26th year, the Graduate School Research Poster Session gives graduate students and postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to celebrate their scientific progress and accomplishments. The Graduate School, Office of Postdoctoral Education and the Alumni Association partner in this educational activity.

Funding and other support provided by the Alumni Association is critical for the professional development of students. The impact made on student life by all of the caring alumni from MCW and Marquette has encouraged me to be an active alumna in the future.

– Rebecca Holme, doctoral candidate

Philanthropy, specifically alumni gifts, enables the Alumni Association to support MCW's student community. Alumni also invest their time in many student-focused projects and programs. MCW's current students appreciate all of this support, which makes them more likely to actively support the next generation of MCW students.

– Seth Flynn

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