Alumni Association President's Message

Neil Guenther, MD '83, GME '88

Neil Guenther, MDAs I sat through May's Commencement Ceremony, I was overwhelmed with an enormous sense of pride – but not just because one of my children was receiving his MCW medical degree. It was mindboggling to hear what the Class of 2017 already has accomplished. And yet they are just starting their respective journeys of what will undoubtedly be illustrious careers.

On Commencement Day, as is tradition, alumni celebrating their 50-year reunion (in this case, the Class of 1967) also participated in the festivities. It truly was a momentous occasion – seeing our new graduates standing beside those who, some 50 years later, are still practicing physicians. The combined medical knowledge and wisdom in that auditorium was immeasurable.

My pride continued to grow significantly as I realized my own place in our institution's storied history and boundless future. I want to share these thoughts now, as they align well with the course that the Alumni Association Board of Directors is now charting.

During my time as president, I will champion the following initiatives as the Alumni Association's 2017-2018 priorities: 1) complete the Alumni Association's Vision for the 2020 Strategic Plan; 2) launch MCW's first online alumni networking platform; and 3) encourage all alumni to participate in our 125th Anniversary festivities.

Thank you, Dr. Marie Nakata, for your accomplishments as president. Much of what we will achieve this year, especially our strategic plan, was initiated during your tenure. The president serves a one-year term, which comes and goes too fast. Your commitment to initiating something you knew would be realized during someone else's term demonstrates your dedication to MCW and its alumni.
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