100th student to complete Biophysics graduate program

April 3, 2017 MCW News - On Tuesday, March 28, Nathan Skinner, PhD, successfully defended hisDr. Nate Skiner dissertation, titled Assessment of Spinal Cord Injury in a Rat Model using an Orthogonal Filter-Probe Diffusion Encoding Scheme, and became the 100th student to complete the Biophysics graduate program.

Dr. Skinner, whose graduate work focused on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging under the direction of faculty advisor Matthew Budde, PhD (Department of Neurosurgery), entered the Biophysics graduate program as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program and is in the process of completing his MD.

In 1982, Carol Popp Weingarten, MD, PhD, under the direction of James S. Hyde, PhD (Department of Biophysics), was the first student to graduate from what is now the Biophysics graduate program. The program is designed to assist young scientists in developing the research skills they need to thrive in academic and clinical settings, and features two primary areas of research: magnetic resonance imaging and molecular biophysics.

The Department of Biophysics is proud of its long history of successful alumni, who have gone on to become professors, researchers, scientists, engineers, and clinicians who are leaders in their fields and communities. Biophysics is honored to add Dr. Skinner to this rich roster of graduates.

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