Dr. Kenneth Lee wins Silver Helmet Award for his commitment to Veterans

April 19, 2017 MCW News - Kenneth Lee, MD, associate professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation and chief of the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, received the 2017 AMVETS Silver Helmet Award for his commitment to helping wounded veterans.

The AMVETS Silver Helmet Award‚ a unique silver replica of the World War II GI helmet‚ is the most prestigious of all the awards given by veteran organizations and is nicknamed the “Veteran’s Oscar.” It is given to recognize excellence and outstanding accomplishments in the fields of Americanism, defense, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service.

Dr. Lee was stationed in Iraq as commander of a Wisconsin Army National Guard medical battalion in 2004 when he was injured in a car bombing. He sustained extensive shrapnel injuries to his legs and arms, and for several years after the injuries, experienced PTSD. Since rehabilitating from his injuries, he has committed his life to helping fellow veterans who have sustained injuries from their time in combat. He previously received the Purple Heart and the Legion of Merit Medal for 27 years of service to the Wisconsin National Guard.

Dr. Lee’s efforts to help veterans and others recovering from spinal cord injuries include developing adaptive sports and organizing leagues such as sled hockey, wheelchair lacrosse and goal ball, bringing the Wheelchair Games to Milwaukee in 2007, and helping launch the Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association (WASA). He currently serves as president of WASA.

“We are truly proud of you and your accomplishments!” said Diane W. Braza, MD, chair and professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation. “Thank you for your service and unwavering commitment to Veterans’ health and community wellness through adaptive sports and recreation. We are a better community due to your leadership!”

Dr. Lee’s career and accomplishments are highlighted in this video.

Dr. Ken Lee with his family after receiving the Silver Helmet Award

Silver Helmet Award Dr. Ken Lee received

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