Dr. Melinda Stolley and Milwaukee’s Sisters 4 Cure Featured in Modern Healthcare

Oct. 9, 2017 MCW News - An article about reducing cancer disparities among low-income and minority populations, "Community organizations help low-income cancer patients stay healthy after treatment,” was published online September 30 in Modern Healthcare.

The story highlights Sisters 4 Cure, an organization in Milwaukee that provides emotional support and lifestyle coaching after undergoing cancer treatment to women in remission.

Recognizing Dr. Stolley’s expertise and research on community-based approaches like this, the article quotes her saying, “Survivors are somewhat isolated. Having these resources in the community promotes that community of survivors who can support each other.’”

Modern Healthcare is a weekly print and online magazine written for hospital and health system executives. Modern Healthcare specializes in regular features providing news and trends in physician issues, innovative strategies and studies and future developments in healthcare.

Dr. Stolley would like to recognize one of the many key collaborators, Alice Yan, PhD, in their ongoing work to eliminate health disparities in minority populations.


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Important collaborator missed
Moriah Iverson
10-09-2017  12:32:39 PM


An important collaborator from UW-Milwaukee, Alice Yan, was not mentioned in this breif.

Thank you,


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