Dr. Mingyu Liang honored with 2017 Distinguished Lectureship in Physiological Genomics Research

May 26, 2017 MCW News - Dr. Mingyu Liang, MD, PhD, director of the Center of Systems Molecular Dr. Mingyu Liang honored with 2017 Distinguished Lectureship in Physiological Genomics ResearchMedicine and professor & eminent scholar in physiology, has been named the 2017 Distinguished Lectureship Awardee in Physiological Genomics Research. Dr. Liang gave a presentation titled, The Essential Role of Physiological Genomics in Precision Medicine, at the Experimental Biology Conference in Chicago on April 22.  

Dr. Liang received his medical degree from Shanghai Medical University in 1994 and was named an Outstanding Graduate by the Shanghai Municipal Government. He entered Mayo Graduate School in Rochester, Minnesota, in 1996, and received a PhD in biomedical sciences (physiology) in 1999 under the mentorship of Dr. Franklyn G. Knox. Following post-doctoral fellowships at Mayo Clinic with Dr. Karl A. Nath and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) with Dr. Allen W. Cowley, Jr., Dr. Liang joined the MCW faculty in 2002 and rose through the ranks to tenured professor in 2011.

Dr. Liang founded the MCW Center of Systems Molecular Medicine in 2014 and has held the title of eminent scholar since 2015. Dr. Liang’s laboratory studies microRNAs, cellular metabolism, epigenomics, and systems molecular medicine and precision medicine in the context of hypertension, cardiovascular, renal, and other diseases. His laboratory has made several contributions to the conceptual development, technological advances, and physiological and pathophysiological insights in these areas.

Dr. Liang has published nearly 100 papers, and in 2012, he received the Henry Pickering Bowditch Award, one of the highest honors bestowed by the American Physiological Society.

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