Dr. Steve Hargarten honored with 2017 World Citizen Award

May 8, 2017 MCW News - Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH, professor and chair of emergency medicine, associate dean of global health, and global health pathway director, received the International Institute of Wisconsin (IIW)’s Dorothy Von Briesen World Citizen Award. The IIW’s 80th anniversary and 22nd annual World Citizen Award Celebration recognized outstanding community members for their dedication to the promotion of international cooperation and understanding between diverse cultural communities.

The IIW’s Board of Directors chose Dr. Hargarten due to the breadth and depth of his commitment to addressing health disparities within Milwaukee’s diverse neighborhoods as well as other communities across the globe. Dr. Hargarten also is the CEO of the Milwaukee Global Health Consortium for which IIW is a member.

Dr. Hargarten

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