Special issue of Applied Magnetic Resonance dedicated to Dr. James S. Hyde

Nov. 29, 2017 MCW News - The December 2017 issue of Applied Magnetic Resonance is a festschrift for James S. Hyde, PhD, professor emeritus of Biophysics, “on the occasion of his 85th birthday.”

This special issue includes the “Autobiography of James S. Hyde” by Dr. Hyde, which contains an overview of his scientific achievements as well as a bibliography of his electron paramagnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging publications and patents, separated into sections and topics to provide convenient access to his 432 publications and patents to date.

Also included in this special issue are two personal recollections and 15 scientific contributions by researchers who have been influenced by the work of Dr. Hyde.

Three of these articles were written by faculty and staff of the Department of Biophysics, including “EPR Uniform Field Signal Enhancement by Dielectric Tubes in Cavities” by Dr. Hyde and Richard Mett, PhD; “High-Pressure EPR Spectroscopy Studies of the E. coli Lipopolysaccharide Transport Proteins LptA and LptC” by Kathryn Schultz, PhD, and Candice Klug, PhD; and “Saturation Recovery EPR Spin-Labeling Method for Quantification of Lipids in Biological Membrane Domains” by Laxman Mainali, PhD, Theodore Camenisch, Dr. Hyde, and Witold K. Subczynski, PhD.

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