Biomedical Engineering Department, Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin

The Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Biomedical Engineering is dedicated to delivering an extraordinary educational experience designed to empower the next generation of biomedical engineers, scientists and physicians.

Digestive Disease Center

The vision of the Medical College of Wisconsin's Digestive Disease Center (DDC) is to achieve international scientific and lay recognition for leading edge digestive disease research, treatment and educational programs emphasizing novel state-of-the art therapies.

Cancer Center

Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center turns research into patient care, and conducts many clinical trials, giving patients the most innovative treatments available - and new hope to patients and their families. Clinical Cancer Center: (414) 805-0505.

Free Radical Research Center (FRRC)

Learn about the FRRC's a vital role in promoting research activities related to both free radical and nitric-oxide-related research at MCW.

Cardiovascular Center

Medical College of Wisconsin Cardiovascular Center translates biological science into clinical applications for care and treatment of patients.

Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC)

The MCW Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center focuses on using genetics and genomics to personalize medicine for patients.

Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Exploring the challenging ethical questions that accompany scientific advances and changes in our healthcare delivery system.

Max McGee National Research Center

Max McGee Research Center is associated with Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and sustains a state of the art research center dedicated to helping children with diabetes.

Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Research

The Center for Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Research provides access to basic and advanced mass spectrometry technologies for biomedical research to investigators at the Medical College of Wisconsin and partner institutions.

Midwest Children's Cancer Center

Founded in 1976, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc. (the MACC Fund) is dedicated to funding childhood cancer and related blood disorder research.

Center for Computational Medicine

The Center for Computational Medicine establishes, nurtures, and supports expertise in computational modeling and simulation for applications in drug discovery and development, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics, and personalized medicine.

National Biomedical EPR Center

MCW's EPR Center is one of the largest EPR facilities in the nation, with instrument capabilities for many types of EPR experiments.

Center for Healthy Communities & Research

The Center integrates community-based education for graduate and undergraduate medical students and conducts research on community-identified needs. With our partners we work on program development, implementation and management, community capacity building, and education.

National Center for Proteomics Research and Development

The aim of the center is to develop mass spectrometric methodologies and protein separation techniques for the quantitative analysis of the entire proteome of a single cell. Ultimately we will be studying angiogenesis in a unique model system - consomic rat strains (chromosome substitution strains) developed by the MCW PGA project. The technological and experimental systems will be complemented by the use of bioinformatics to store, process, integrate and explore this proteomic data in conjunction with the phenotype, genotype and microarray data generated by the MCW PGA and other public resources such as the Rat Genome Database.

Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIDR)

Learn how CIDR researches the the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis related to infection with all types of microorganisms, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

National Center for Systems Biology

Systems biology is an emerging field that integrates computer modeling with lab experiments to learn how entire physiological systems operate in health and disease. MCW’s National Center for Systems Biology is the home of the Virtual Rat Project.

Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research (PCOR)

The MCW Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research conducts research on patient care services and related health outcomes.

Neuroscience Research Center

The Neuroscience Research Center's goal is to enhance neuroscience research at MCW through a team approach to tackle neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children

Learn how we conduct community-oriented research and develop culturally-tailored initiatives to understand the current status of children’s health.

Palliative Care Program

The Palliative Care Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin is committed to improving care for the seriously ill and dying through the development, implementation and dissemination of innovative educational, research, and clinical care programs.


Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research collects and studies data on blood and bone marrow transplants worldwide.

Research Center of Excellence in Pediatric Nephrology

National Research Center of Excellence in Pediatric Nephrology

CIREN Wisconsin

The Froedtert & The Medical College Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) Center is sponsored by the administration of the Department of Neurosurgery, which includes clinicians, biomedical engineers, and research scientists with strong reputations in impact biomechanics.

Wisconsin Center of Excellence in Genomics Science

The Wisconsin Center of Excellence in Genomics Science is a collaborative effort between the University of Wisconsin in Madison, The Medical College of Wisconsin, and Marquette University, and is coordinated by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Comprehensive Injury Center

The MCW Comprehensive Injury Center (CIC) addresses injury prevention and control in the Great Lakes Region (WI, MN, IL, IN, MI and Ohio).