Gifts to the Medical College of Wisconsin's to establish an endowment help to provide a permanent and reliable source of annual income for the College. Endowed funds can be created with both outright and planned gifts. Endowments can support many different areas within the College, such as research, individual departments, scholarships, and unrestricted use. Endowed funds may be named for the donor or in accordance with the donor's wishes.

These funds will forever reflect the generosity of the donor while supporting the advancement of the Medical College and ensuring its future strength. Endowed funds may be established for a minimum commitment of $25,000. Additional endowed fund possibilities include some of the following:

  • Endowed Professorship - $1.5 million - $500,000
    An endowed professorship is the most significant form of recognition that the Medical College of Wisconsin can bestow upon one of its faculty. Prestige aside, an endowed professorship is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining first-rate faculty. Funding from an endowed professorship is secure, stable and predictable. Named professorships also offer daily recognition to those who have been touched by a particular disease, in that the endowment name is listed on the faculty member's stationary, as well as in College publications, peer-reviewed research publications, and press releases.
  • Named Research Venture Fund - $100,000+
    lncome from a named research venture fund supports innovative scientific discovery, and is often used to test promising ideas that need development prior to filing an application for federal funding. The income helps pay for laboratory supplies, specialized equipment, and staff time.

To learn more about establishing an endowment and/or further endowed fund possibilities please contact Angela Nelson at (414) 955-4708 or annelson@mcw.edu.


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