Conclusions: A Pragmatic Point of View

Throughout these pages, we have stumbled into many pitfalls imposed by the ill-posed nature of the MEG/EEG source estimation problem. We have tried to give a pragmatic point of view on these difficulties.

It is indeed quite striking that despite all these shortcomings, MEG/EEG source analysis might reveal exquisite relative spatial resolution when localization approaches are used appropriately, and – though being of relative poor absolute spatial resolution – imaging models help the researchers tell a story on the cascade of brain events that have been occurring in controlled experimental conditions. From one millisecond to the next, imaging models are able to reveal tiny alterations in the topography of brain activations at the scale of a few millimeters.

An increasing number of groups from other neuroimaging modalities have come to realize that beyond mere cartography, temporal and oscillatory brain responses are essential keys to the understanding and interpretation of the basic mechanisms ruling information processing amongst neural assemblies. The growing number of EEG systems installed in MR magnets and the steady increase in MEG equipments demonstrate an active and dynamic scientific community, with exciting perspectives for the future of multidisciplinary brain research.

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