Stimulus Presentation & Recording Subject's Responses

Stimulus presentation in the MSR, especially when it requires external devices, needs to be considered carefully to avoid introducing supplementary electromagnetic perturbations. Fortunately, MEG centers can benefit from most of the equipment available to fMRI studies, as it is specified along the same constraints regarding magnetic compatibility. Therefore, audio and video presentations can be performed using electrostatic transducers and beams of video projection. Electrical stimulation for somatosensory mapping generates artifacts of short durations that do not overlap with the earliest brain responses (>20ms latency). They can be advantageously replaced by air puffs delivery.

As timing is critical in MEG (and EEG), all stimulation solutions need to be driven through a computer with well-characterized timing features. For instance, some electrostatic transducers eventually conduct sound through air tubes, thereby with delays in the tens of milliseconds range that need to be properly characterized. Refresh rates of video presentation need to be as short as possible to ensure quasi-immediate display.

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