MEG and EEG Instrumentation


Basic EEG sensing technology is extremely mature and relatively cost-effective, thanks to its wide distribution in the clinical world.


MEG is beautiful physics in action: superconductive materials and quantum effects contribute to the principles of this brain imaging instrument.

MEG vs. EEG?

MEG and EEG are two complementary techniques. Even though they are both sensitive to neural currents, they differ in many respects in terms of the technology involved, the subject's preparation and comfort, and the sensitivity of the measurements.

Magnetically-shielded Rooms

How is possible to measure extremely minute magnetic fields that are a billionth time weaker than the Earth's magnetic field in an environment where MRI scanners might be just next door?

Research on MEG Instrumentation

Exciting recent developments however contribute to constant progress in cost-effectiveness, practicality and the future of MEG sensing science.

Presenting Stimuli and Recording Subject's Responses

Functional brain imaging generally requires presenting various stimuli to a subject or a patient. The MEG environment imposes certain constraints on the equipment being used.

Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin MEG Contact Information

Research investigators and clinical physicians are encouraged to contact us for further information on how to access our MEG Program and services.

Jeffrey Stout, PhD: Technical Manager
Send an email | (414) 805-1174 | (414) 805-1103 (fax)

Jean Roccapalumba, CTRS, MBA: Program Manager
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Mailing Address:
MEG Program
Department of Neurology
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MEG Program Site Map

If you are a physician and would like to inquire about or order a MEG study for your patients, please visit Froedtert Hospital MEG web pages for basic information about the procedure and/or contact Linda Allen, RN BSN, our Epilepsy Program Coordinator at (414) 805-3641 to refer your patient to our Program.

If you are a patient who is about to undergo an MEG procedure, please also visit Froedtert Hospital MEG web pages for useful information regarding the MEG routine.