Jessica WilsonJessica Wilson

Research Interest

Functional and physical interactions of small GTPases with SmgGDS in the hopes of better understanding the cell signaling pathways leading to cancer

Advisor: Carol Williams, PhD, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology


BA, 2010, Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Chemistry

PhD, 2015, Medical College of Wisconsin
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Thesis: “Regulation of Rap1A and Rap1B Prenylation and Localization Through Activation of the β-Adrenergic Receptor and other Gαs Activators, and Its Role in Breast Cancer Metastasis”

Research Experience

Washington University in St. Louis, 2007-2010
Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Anderson
Project: PET Imaging of the Pre-Metastatic Niche with 64Cu-CB-TE2A-LLP2A, a High Affinity Ligand for Integrin α4β1, High Throughput Assays for Screening alpha-v beta-3-Targeted Nanoparticles, 64Cu-RGD and microPET/CT as an Imaging Biomarker for Osteoclast Number in Mouse Models of Negative and Positive Osteoclast Regulation


Wilson, JM, Lorimer, EL, Tyburski, M, Williams, CL. β-Adrenergic Receptors Suppress Rap1B Prenylation and Promote the Metastatic Phenotype in Breast Cancer Cells. Cancer Biology and Therapy. 16(9):1364-74, 2015.

Wilson, JM, Prokop, JW, Lorimer, E, Ntantie, E, Williams, CL. Differences in the Phosphorylation-Dependent Regulation of Prenylation of Rap1A and Rap1B. Journal of Molecular Biology, Currently In Revision.

Schuld, NJ., Hauser, AD., Gastonguay, AJ., Wilson, JM, Lorimer, EL., and Williams, CL. SmgGDS-558 regulates the cell cycle in pancreatic, non-small cell lung, and breast cancers. Cell Cycle. 2014 Mar 15.

Zimmerman NP*, Roy I*, Hauser AD, Wilson JM, Williams CL, Dwinell MB. Cyclic AMP regulates the migration and invasion potential of human pancreatic cancer cells. Mol Carcinog. 2013 Sep 24. (Epub Ahead of Print)

Zheleznyak A, Wadas TJ, Sherman CD, Wilson JM, Kostenuik PJ, Weilbaecher KN, Anderson CJ. Integrin alpha(v)beta(3) as a PET imaging biomarker for osteoclast number in mouse models of negative and positive osteoclast regulation. Molecular Imaging and Biology 2012; 14:500-8; DOI: 10.1007/s11307-011-0512-4.

Monica Shokeen, Alexander Zheleznyak, Jessica M. Wilson, Kim Nguyen, Ruiwu Liu, Lynne Collins, Riccardo Ferdani, David Piwnica-Worms, Kit S. Lam, Carolyn Anderson, “PET Imaging of the Pre-Metastatic Niche with 64Cu-CB-TE2A-LLP2A, a High Affinity Ligand for Integrin α4β1.” Abstract. World Molecular Imaging Conference Journal, 2009 and Molecular Imaging and Biology Journal, 2009.

Meeting Abstracts

Jessica M. Wilson. “Regulation of Small GTPase Membrane Localization and Prenylation Through G-Protein Coupled Receptor Activation.” Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation. 29th Annual National MD/PhD Conference. July 20, 2014.

Jessica M. Wilson*, Andrew D. Hauser*, Carmen Bergom, Nathan J. Schuld, Xiuxu Chen, Ellen L. Lorimer, Jian Huang, A. Craig Mackinnon, and Carol L. Williams."SmgGDS-558 Promotes Breast Cancer Malignancy through Activation of RhoA." FASEB SRC Protein Lipidation, Signaling and Membrane Domains. Poster Presentation. July 17, 2013.


cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers and Minnesota Vikings, playing tennis, hiking with my dog, traveling, and hunting