Johnathan EbbenJohnathan Ebben

Research Interests

Harnessing genomic medicine to identify early events in oncogenesis as potential targets for preventive vaccination
Trialing vaccines developed against common tumor antigens in preclinical models of non-small cell lung cancer
Dissecting the interplay of immunologic and developmentally regulated factors in the tumor microenvironment.

Advisor: Ming You, MD, PhD, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology


BS, 2010, Marquette University
Majors: Biomedical Science, Political Science

Research Experience

University of Wisconsin Hospital- Brain Tumor Research Lab, 2007-2009
Advisor: John S. Kuo, MD, PhD
Project: Characterization of CD133+ Glioblastoma multiforme cancer stem-like cells in brain tissue sections; Genetic and Developmental characterization of CD133+ GBM CSCs; Analysis of GBM CSC microRNA expression


Liu P, Morrison C, Wang L, Xiong D, Vedell P, Cui P, Hua X, Ding F, Lu Y, James M, Ebben JD, Xu H, Adjei AA, Head K, Andrae JW, Tschannen MR, Jacob H, Pan J, Zhang Q, Van den Bergh F, Xiao H, Lo KC, Patel J, Richmond T, Watt MA, Albert T, Selzer R, Anderson M, Wang J, Wang Y, Starnes S, Yang P, You M. Identification of somatic mutations in non-small cell lung carcinomas using whole-exome sequencing. Carcinogenesis 33 (7): 1270-1276. (2012)

Ebben JD, Treisman DM, Zorniak M, Kutty RG, Clark PA, Kuo JS. The Cancer Stem Cell Paradigm: A New Understanding of Tumor Development and Treatment. Expert Opin Biol Ther 14(6): 621-632 (2010).

Ebben JD, Rocque BG, Kuo JS. Tumour vaccine approaches for CNS malignancies: progress to date. Drugs 69 (3):241-9 (2009).

Clark PA, Treisman DM, Ebben, JD, Kuo JS. Developmental Signaling pathways in brain tumor-derived stem-like cells. Developmental Dynamics 236 (12): 3297-308 (2007).

Meeting Abstract

EGFR Peptide Vaccination as an Immunoprevention Strategy in NSCLC: An In Vivo Study Johnathan D. Ebben, Ronald A. Lubet, Mary L. Disis, Ming You. National MD, PhD Student Conference. Keystone, CO. 2015.


politics, science, family, reading a good book, enjoying the outdoors