Monica ThomasMonica Thomas

Research Interests

Structural and Computational Biology
Structural basis of protein function in homeostasis and disease

Advisor: Brian Volkman, PhD, Department of Biochemistry


BS, 2012, University of Utah
Major: Chemistry

Research Experience

University of Utah, 2010-2011
Advisor: Dr. Saveez Saffarian
Project: Engineering a flow chamber for the microscopic analysis of real-time enveloped virus budding

University of Utah, 2011-2012
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Woycechowsky
Project: Manipulation of protein capsid assembly in vitro and the design of a capsid-based small molecule delivery system


Thomas MA, Buelow BJ, Nevins AM, Jones SE, Peterson FC, Gundry RL, Grayson MH, and Volkman BF (2015). Structure-function analysis of CCL28 in the development of post-viral asthma. J. Biol. Chem. 290(7): 4528-36.


running marathons, dancing, and eating chocolate