Steven BlinkaSteven Blinka

Research Interest

Investigating the role of enhancer RNAs in pluripotent stem cell sub-nuclear localization and transcriptional regulation

Advisor: Sridhar Rao, MD, PhD, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy


BS, 2010, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Major: Molecular Biology

Research Experience

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, 2010-present
Advisor: Tom B. Rice, MD and Ramesh C. Sachdeva, MD, PhD
Project: Medical and social determinants of outcomes in critically ill children

Medical College of Wisconsin, 2010-2011
Advisor: John Lough, PhD
Project: Induction of cardiovascular cells from hESCs by embryonic cues

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007-2009
Advisor: David Baum, PhD
Project: Investigating the genetic basis of petal spot polymorphisms in Clarkia gracilis


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