James Verbsky, MD, PhDJames Verbsky, MD PhD

Associate Professor
Pediatrics (Rheumatology)
Microbiology and Immunology
Medical College of Wisconsin

Medical Director, Clinical Immunology Research Laboratory
Medical Director, Clinical and Translational Research

Research Focus: Primary immune deficiency, immune dysregulation syndromes

PhD, Washington University, 2000, Immunology
MD, Washington University, 2000
Fellowship, Washington University, Pediatric Rheumatology

My research interests focus on immune regulation, and my research program is based on the premise of taking genetically defined immune deficiencies from humans and modeling these diseases in the laboratory.  Since I see patients with immune deficiencies and inflammatory disorders, the first step in this program is to define the immune deficiency in these patients.  Using genetic technologies, such as copy number variation analysis, targeted gene sequencing, and next generation genetic sequencing, we have been successful at defining several primary immune deficiencies, and have used these findings to model these diseases in the laboratory to help us understand immunity and immune regulation.

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Dr. James Verbsky
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
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