Liang Wang, MD, PhDLiang Wang, MD, PhD

Microbiology and Immunology
Medical College of Wisconsin

Research Focus: Cancer Genetics and Biomarkers

Peking Union Medical College, Beijing (1995) Cancer Genetics

Research Description:
Human genome/epigenome variations and cancers, focusing on biomarker study for personalized medicine through large scale RNA/DNA sequencing analysis

  1. Genetic susceptibility of human cancers including prostate, esophagus and lung cancers using eQTL-based gene mapping, systems biology-based network analysis and large scale case-control association study.
  2. RNA/DNA biomarkers in human cancers including prostate, pancreas, colon and lung by testing blood/tissue DNA/RNAs in well-characterized patient populations using genomewide methylation, next-gen RNA/DNA sequencing and bioinformatics approaches.

Recent Publications