Microbiology and Immunology Resources

Nikon Eclipse Ti Inverted Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti Inverted Microscope. Climate controlled chamber, Perfect Focus System, fully automated stage for enhanced live cell time-lapse imaging. NIS Elements Advanced Research software. Photometrics CoolSNAP EZ camera.

Nikon Eclipse Inverted TE2000-U with CoolSNAP camera

Nikon Upright with Photometrics Camera

Ti-N-SIM Structured Illumination Microscope

Ti-N-SIM Structured Illumination Microscope. Perfect Focus system, motorized XY stage, and Tokai CO2/warming chamber for fully automated for live cell imaging, with CMOS camera, photoactivation point scanner, NIS Elements SIM module, and additional SIM Offline Analysis module

ArrayScan XTI HCA ReaderArrayScan XTI HCA Reader. Zeiss Axio Observer Microscope, 4 objectives (up to 40X), live cell module, Photometrics X1 CCD camera, and automated stage for scanning multi-well plates. Solid-state seven-color LED light engine, brightfield module, and Thermo AccuFocus Software.

BSL3/ABSL3 FacilityBSL3/ABSL3 Facility. 10,000 sqft facility. Contains 4 BSL3 containment labs and 4 individual ABSL3 suites. Two rooms from each of the BSL3 and ABSL3 laboratories are “enhanced” and are sufficient for studies involving Avian Influenza. More details

QP Expression Colony Picking Robot from Genetix

QP Expression Colony Picking Robot from Genetix

Automatically plate and spread samples into QTrays.
Accurately pick up to 30,000 colonies/day from trays or dishes.
Cherry-pick wells of interest after off-line analysis.
Track identity of plates and wells.
Option to replicate and re-array new plates.

GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC

GE Healthcare AKTA FPLC. Frac-950 Fraction Collector, UPC-900 UV pH conductivity monitor, INV-907 PV-908 motor valves.

Flow cytometry instrument: Guava easyCyte

Guava easyCyte HT

Suspension array system: Bio-Plex 200 with BioPlex ProII wash station

Suspension array system: Bio-Plex 200 with Bio-Plex ProII wash station. Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad iQ5 Multicolor Real-Time PCR Detection System

Bio-Rad iQ5 Multicolor Real-Time PCR Detection System

Victor 3V and Victor 2 Multilabel Plate ReadersVictor 3V and Victor 2 Multilabel Plate Readers

Typhoon FLA-7000 scanner and Storm 820 PhosphorImager.Typhoon FLA-7000 scanner and Storm 820 PhosphorImager.
ImageQuant TL software

FluorChem HD2 Chemiluminescent Western Blot ImagingFluorChem HD2 Chemiluminescent Western Blot Imaging 4 Megapixel Cooled CCD.

AlphaImager® Mini for Colorimetric and UV Fluorescent AlphaView software.

Microfluidics-based platform: 2100Bioanalyzer

Microfluidics-based platform: 2100Bioanalyzer. Agilent

Microarray hybridization station

Microarray hybridization station Tecan

  • Glassware washing and sterilizing facility.
  • Darkroom with x-ray film processor.
  • Core laboratories for yeast and bacterial culture, radioisotope usage, ultracentrifuge room.
  • Beckman scintillation counter.
  • Secure file server. Software licenses for office productivity, graphics, sequence analysis, and statistical analysis software.