Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics (MIMG) Graduate Program

Seminar Course Schedule for 2016

Graduate students enrolled in the seminar course (#25-300) will present information from selected journal articles.

Presentations will be made in the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Conference Room 276, BSB, on Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.


March 3, 2016
Eric Darrah
Title: ISGs: Taking the Antiviral Fight Beyond the Cell

September 22, 2016
Ahmed Al-Muhairi

October 13, 2016
Eric Darrah

November 3, 2016
Chao Yang

December 8, 2016
Ismael Banla

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February 12, 2015
Vanessa Yuan (Dr. William Drobyski's lab)
"Programmed Necrosis and Non-necrotic Inflammatory Function of RIPK3"

February 26, 2015
Ben Labbe (Dr. Christopher Kristich's lab)
"Cyclic-di-GMP Modulates Swarming Motility in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Flagellar Motor Protein Exchange"

March 26, 2015
Rick Armstrong (Dr. Tom Zahrt's lab)
"Vibrio cholera T3SS Effector VopE: Modulating Mitochondria and Innate Immunity"

September 17, 2015
Zachary Gerbec
"Calcium Signaling Controls Production of Inflammatory Mediators in Airway Epithelial Cells"

October 1, 2015
Kate Dixon
"CD8+ Dendritic Cell Activation via TLR3 Establishes Cell-Intrinsic Antiviral State"

October 22, 2015
Aaron Dirck

November 5, 2015
Maxx Tessmer


October 23, 2014
Rajrupa Chakraborty (Dr. Nita Salzman's Lab)

November 6, 2014
Erin (Geissler) Wesley (Dr. Matthew Riese's Lab)

November 20, 2014
Michael Curtis (Dr. Jenifer Coburn's Lab)

December 11, 2014
Alex Abel (Dr. Malarkannan's Lab)