Nocturnal Dialysis

Nocturnal dialysis is offered at the Pleasant Street Fresenius Unit in Milwaukee. It is offered on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. The dialysis sessions are eight hours.

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  Why do nocturnal dialysis?

Nocturnal dialysis has been studied extensively in Tassin, France. More than 35 years of data from this French group shows patients on nocturnal dialysis with excellent survival compared to conventional dialysis. Patients on nocturnal dialysis have very good blood pressure, phosphate and volume control. Fluid is removed gently as compared to a patient on conventional dialysis. This, in turn, is thought to help lessen post dialysis fatigue in patients.

  Who would be ideal candidates for nocturnal dialysis?
  1. Any patient who wants dialysis that can maintain the quality of life.
  2. Patients who work during the day.
  3. Patients having difficulty with fluid removal on conventional dialysis.
  4. Patients having difficulty with blood pressure and phosphorous control on dialysis.
  How does a night for a nocturnal dialysis patient look like?

You will have a large reclining chair to spend the night. Most patients come in between 7–8 p.m. and stay eight hours. The nurses will do the same procedures to dialyze you as a conventional unit. Your physician will see you while you are on dialysis. You will have a TV monitor that you can use to spend time or sleep. Patients do sleep on dialysis; lights in the unit are turned off at 10 p.m. All patients leave the unit by 3 a.m. or earlier.