Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD
Vice President for Academic Outreach

Cheryl Maurana, PhDThe Medical College of Wisconsin is committed to developing and enhancing inter-institutional collaborations that advance MCW’s education, research, clinical care and community engagement missions. Inter-institutional collaborations provide MCW with the opportunity to meet the needs that no one institution can meet alone and have the advantages of increased opportunity, leveraging of strengths, enhanced efficiencies and distributed risks.

The Office for Academic Outreach works to advance collaboration, coordination and cooperation and form mutually beneficial partnerships across institutions from diverse sectors, including academic, private industry, and health systems, to advance MCW’s mission.

As Vice President for Academic Outreach, Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD, provides overall leadership for the Office for Academic Outreach at MCW. In this capacity, Dr. Maurana works with several major academic and health system institutions to facilitate the development of new programs, research collaborations and educational initiatives.

Collaborating with academic and health institutions to develop and deliver inter-institutional programs allows MCW faculty, staff, and students additional opportunities to work to their strengths, allows new programs to emerge from the collective strengths of MCW, and better positions MCW for the future.

A nationally recognized academic leader in public health and community-academic partnerships, Dr. Maurana has built a number of collaborations both within MCW and with communities for improving health in the Milwaukee area and the state of Wisconsin.

In addition to her role as Vice President for Academic Outreach, Dr. Maurana is the founding Director of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment, a statewide initiative that funds community-academic partnerships, research, and education. She also serves as one of the nine board members of the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health, the public body mandated by the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to oversee the endowment. Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment was created by the $318 million dollar endowment resulting from the conversion of Blue Cross/Blue Shield United of Wisconsin to for-profit status.

Learn more about the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment.

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