Goal, Objectives and Principles

The Office of Global Health's mission is to advance MCW’s mission of education, research, patient care, and community engagement through multi-institutional collaborations. Our vision for MCW to be a leader in global health that promotes health equity across neighborhoods and nations.

We hope to accomplish this through an unprecedented number of collaborations among the College's 27 departments, outstanding Milwaukee-based institutions, and our premier partners across the world.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable framework for multidisciplinary collaboration that integrates and advances the global health sciences.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish credible local and global partnerships with community-based organizations, universities, medical schools, and healthcare delivery sites that offer education, research, patient care, and community engagement opportunities for MCW faculty, medical and graduate students, residents, and fellows.

  2. Implement standardized agreements with local and global organizations to assure credit and excellence for trainee and faculty participation.

Guiding Principles

The Office of Global Health will make concerted efforts to identify interested faculty across a variety of disciplines from a range of departments and centers, engage students and trainees, and most importantly work toward identifying synergies between existing programmatic areas as well as new ones. The programmatic areas, listed below, represent an initial effort to create virtual communities clustered around thematic areas.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Credibility
  3. Health equity
  4. Multidisciplinary
  5. Partnership
  6. Reciprocity
  7. Social justice
  8. Sustainability

Office of Global Health Overview (PDF)

Contact Us

Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH
Associate Dean for Global Health
Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine
Director of the Injury Research Center
at the Medical College of Wisconsin
hargart@mcw.edu | (414) 805-6454

Tifany Frazer, MPH
Program Manager
tfrazer@mcw.edu | (414) 955-4763

Claire Reuning, MA
Program Coordinator
creuning@mcw.edu | (414) 955-5646

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