18219: Introduction to Global Health

Master of Public Health Degree Program
Institute for Health and Society

This is a completely online elective course in the Master of Public Health (MPH) Program. It is recommended for students currently admitted and participating in the MPH program and graduate level non-degree seeking students (medical students and residents).

Course Instructor: James Sanders, MD, MPH

Course Assistant: Tifany Frazer, MPH

Course Description & Integration with MPH Program

An introductory global health course introduces students to the main concepts of the public health field and the critical links between public health and social and economic development. Students get an overview of various factors, including social, economic, and political issues on the health of individuals and of communities. It introduces students to key concerns regarding nutrition, reproductive health, infectious diseases, and chronic diseases. The course is global in coverage but with an important focus on the health of the low-income populations in communities across the Unites States.

The mission of the MPH program is to prepare and develop competent and diverse public health professionals for careers that enhance the overall health of the public. To do this it is important to recognize that all the courses a student takes while completing their MPH work together to create an understanding of the world of public health. In this course, you will have the opportunity to think about your instructional strategies and how to enhance the learning of experience of the MPH students.

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