Related Resources

If you are in need of specific expertise or referral information, the Ombuds Office can provide you with policies, procedures and suggestions for relevant resources.

You might wish to consider the following list of Medical College of Wisconsin resources, check their respective websites and identify which resource best fits your concerns:


  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Compliance Helpline: (414) 266-1773 or 1-(877)-659-5200
  • Community Memorial Hospital Compliance Hotline: (262) 257-5656
  • Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (MCWAH/GME) Compliance Hotline: (414) 955-4798
  • Medical College of Wisconsin Compliance Hotline: 1-(866) 857-4943
  • Froedtert Hospital Compliance Hotline: (414) 259-0220

*On InfoScope, MCW network access required

  • Clinical Compliance* search "clinical compliance"
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Employee Assistance Program* search "employee assistance program"
  • Environmental Health and Safety* search "ehs"
  • Faculty Affairs
  • Faculty Policies/Code of Conduct
  • Human Research Protection Program
  • Human Resources* search "human resources"
  • Human Resources Policies, Handbooks and Required Law Posters* search "human resources policies"
  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee* search "iacuc"
  • MCW Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Public Safety * search "public safety"
  • Research Compliance* search "research compliance"
  • Risk Management* search "risk management
  • Staff Conflict Resolution* search "conflict resolution"