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Communication Memo - Non Cancer
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35 12/27/2017 Addition of OCRICC Assigned Staff to PC Console All Research Managers, Regulatory Coordinators, Budget, OnCore Coordinator
33 12/01/2017 Protocol Annotation Form All Research Managers, Clinical Research Coordinators/Assistants, Regulatory Coordinators, Training/Education, Budget, OnCore Coordinator
29 01/26/2017 Addition ABA - to Protocol Name for Abandoned Studies Research Managers, Regulatory Coordinators, Clinical Research Coordinators/Asst, SRC Coord, CT-OAD, OnCore Coordinators
27 08/20/2016 Initial IRB Review Tab - Updated Submit Date Definition Research Managers, Regulatory Coordinators, SRC Coordinator
26 08/03/2016 IND/IDE Tab Re-tool Research Managers, Regulatory Coordinators
24 05/03/2016 PC Console>Accrual Information Section Updated Definitions CCCTO Research Managers, Non-CCCTO Managers, Regulatory Coordinators, Regulatory Manager, SRC Coordinator, CTO-AD
19 12/01/2014 Use of Display Protocol on SIP Check-box - Status Tab post Suspension Regulatory Staff, Research Managers, CTO-AD
16 08/08/2014 Discontinue use of 'Includes Specimen Banking' button Research Managers & CTO-AD
14 05/19/2014 New Subject Registration Procedures - EPIC Integration CRCs/CRAs, Research Managers, CTO-AD
11 04/04/2014 Document Search and Study Status Reminders All Staff
10 03/17/2014 Opening Studies to Accrual After Suspension All Regulatory & Research Managers
9 11/05/2013 Reportable event IRB numbers All CTO OnCore Users