UNIX / SAS Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up a new user account?
How to customize my shell environment?
How can I run a binary or script program?
How do I delete control characters from a text file?
How do I convert a DOS/Mac file to a Unix file or vice versa?
How can I find my big files?
How can I clean up my nuisance files?
How can I secure my files and directories?
How do I 'do-loop'?
How do I change my password?
How do I transfer files?


How do I set up my C/C++/Fortran compiler?
How do I use GSL?
`xport-dynamic' is undefined GSL?


How do I print a PDF without Adobe Reader?
How can I view an .eps/.ps/.pdf file?
How can I duplex/staple on the PCOR copier?


How can I access MCW/DPH computer services remotely?
How can I identify/delete SPAM emails?
Can I use my dtmail folders with tbird?
T-bird/Firefox won't start, what to do?
How can I use dtmail to get my email?
What do I do with a winmail.dat attachment?
When I use T-bird, why can't I open an attachment?
When I use dtcm, why can't I make an appointment?


Package graphics Error: Division by 0?
How can I create presentations with LaTeX?
How can I create posters with LaTeX?


How do I run SAS?
Where did the SAS documentation go?
PostScript/Encapsulated PostScript with SAS v. 9

GNU Emacs and XEmacs

How do I use the GNU Emacs or XEmacs editor?


What can I do with MS Office documents?
What Matlab clones are available?
Can I use a USB flash drive with my SunRay?


How can I get help besides this FAQ?

SAS Help

Rodney Sparapani, PhD
Assistant Professor
Institute for Health and Society
Division of Biostatistics
(414) 955-8786