Miscellaneous FAQs

What can I do with MS Office documents?
OpenOffice is an open-source, free software project that inherited its source code from StarOffice. To run this program, type:
prompt> soffice &

What Matlab clones are available?
Octave is available:
prompt> octave

Visit the GNU Octave website for more details.

Can I use a USB flash drive with my SunRay?
Yes. When you plug your USB flash drive into your SunRay, an icon with a flash drive logo will temporarily appear on your screen, however, a folder will not pop open. If you are using CDE or JDS, run the following script in a terminal:
prompt> flash &

With JDS, you can also place a link in your scripts folder so that when you right-click on the desktop, you can launch the script:
prompt> cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts
prompt> ln -s /usr/local/bin/flash

When you are finished, just remove your flash drive.

SAS Help

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Assistant Professor
Institute for Health and Society
(414) 955-8786