MarketScan® Research Databases by Truven Health Analytics

MarketScan® captures person-level inpatient/outpatient services, prescription drug fills and health insurance enrollment. The data come from a selection of large-employer health plans linking claims and encounter data to patient information across sites and providers over time. MCW currently has MarketScan® data for 2009-2015 as follows:

  • Commercial Claims and Encounters Database - Contains data from active employees or early retirees (who are not Medicare eligible) and dependents insured by employer-sponsored plans.
  • Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefits - Created for Medicare-eligible retirees with employer-sponsored non-HMO Medicare Supplemental plans.

Use of MCW Copy of MarketScan® Data

MarketScan® data are obtained through an agreement between MCW and Truven Health Analytics, Inc. (Truven).

Any MCW faculty member using these data must abide by the rules of this agreement. The agreement allows faculty and staff (this includes students working under the direct supervision of these faculty) to use the data for intramural/academic-sponsored research from the departments of Family and Community Medicine, Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery, as well as MCW faculty members of the Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research, and Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Centers. In addition, the Biostatistical Consulting Service can collaborate with such faculty, or use MarketScan® data independently of them. Faculty not connected to these departments may collaborate with such faculty or can request their department be added. This can be done without charge, but requires that we clear the request with Truven.

Faculty and staff, or students working with them, must observe the following restrictions on the use of the data. This also refers to any accompanying documentation:

  • The data, and any copies thereof, must stay at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • The data, and any copies or subsets thereof, must be destroyed by June 19, 2018, save a single copy of the original dataset, which will be retained by the Biostatistical Consulting Service for archival purposes.
  • Do not remove or alter any form of copyright notice, proprietary marking or confidential legend placed upon or contained within the data.
  • Do not attempt to establish data linkages between the data and any other public or private data.
  • Faculty cannot publish any results that are traceable to a three-digit zip code level. If geographically-identifiable data at that level or above (e.g., metropolitan statistical area [MSA] or state-specific data) is to be published, Truven must review the proposed data presentation. Results traceable to the state of South Carolina, specifically, may not be published.

To acquire MarketScan® data, potential investigators must contact Emily McGinley, MS, MPH, (, and complete the Data Request Form and Data Use Agreement. These documents will be reviewed by a panel of faculty members familiar with MarketScan® data to ensure the request can be accomplished with the data. After a request is approved, an appropriate subset of the data will be provided to the investigator so they can create an analytic file and perform their proposed analysis. Additional analytic support is available for a fee to be negotiated, based on the work required.

Note that this process is restricted to the use of MarketScan® data for non-sponsored research. If the data are to be used as part of an externally-funded research project, an additional agreement would need to be made with Truven.

For more information on how you can utilize MarketScan®, go to InfoScope and search "MarketScan."

If you have questions, please contact Emily McGinley at (414) 955-8848 or

What is MarketScan at MCW?  (PDF)

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