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Diagnosis by DNA

MCW's pediatric genetics team seeks answers in the human genome and trains the next generation of DNA detectives.

Identifying and aiding victims of human trafficking

Nov. 29 - Human trafficking comes with many misconceptions, including that it's not a problem in Wisconsin and that when it does happen, the victims aren't local. Both of those aren't true. Dr. Angela Rabbitt has made it her life's work to improve the identification and care of human trafficking victims – in Milwaukee and across the country.

Ground and Air

In addition to collaborating with the Milwaukee County Office of Emergency Management on research, the faculty in the department of emergency medicine’s section of EMS and disaster medicine serve as medical directors to the Milwaukee County EMS system, which encompasses first responders in 19 municipalities and 13 fire departments.

Poison Control

In addition to its board-certified EMS physicians, MCW’s department of emergency medicine has four board-certified medical toxicologists on faculty – unique compared to other departments in the nation.

A Moment in History: MACC Fund and MCW Partner to Change Outlook for Childhood Cancer

A snapshot of a moment in the Medical College of Wisconsin's history.

Bringing Needed Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Care to the Phoenix Area

Cindy Salm Bauer, MD '07, FEL '13, finished her fellowship only four years ago – but in that short period of time, she has made significant contributions to the field of allergy and immunology in Phoenix, Arizona.

Care in the Field

MCW’s department of emergency medicine has invested significantly in improving the care and triaging of patients in the field, which has had a direct impact on medical outcomes, patient costs and systemic efficiencies.

Emergency Response

Emergency medicine at MCW: How MCW physicians and scientists are setting the standard for emergency care.

Transitioning From Pediatric to Adult Care

MCW physicians and partner institutions collaborate through programs designed to meet the needs of pediatric patients who have survived serious conditions and are transitioning to adult care.

A Moment in History: MCW Physician Treats First Patient to Survive Rabies Without a Vaccine

A snapshot of a moment in the Medical College of Wisconsin's history.

An Animated Approach to Patient Education

June 7 - It’s not often that a doctor asks her 5-year-old daughter for professional advice, but that’s exactly what Dr. Diana Lerner, an assistant professor of pediatric gastroenterology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, did when she was working on a project she had imagined since her residency.

Answering the Call: Pediatric Surgeons Deliver Exemplary Care

Level 1 designation reflects pediatric surgery excellence.

Cancer Clinical Trials at MCW

MCW Cancer Center researchers, physicians and the Clinical Trials Office are actively engaged in cancer research and conducting clinical trials.

Clinical Trials: Translating Research to Benefit Patients

From the bench to the bedside, the Medical College of Wisconsin is a national leader in cancer and non-cancer clinical trials.

Dialing Back on Pain: Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management

MCW's clinicians, researchers and educators are undertaking numerous endeavors related to pain management and providing long-term relief to patients.

Dr. Dawn Siegel to lead first research network in pediatric dermatology

Jan. 24 - Dawn Siegel, MD, associate professor of dermatology, is a founding member of the Pediatric Dermatology Research Alliance (PeDRA) and was appointed as Co-Chair of the organization in November. Dr. Siegel has certifications in dermatology and pediatric dermatology.

Educating Physicians About Pain

MCW provides broad pain management educational opportunities, including a one-year pain medicine fellowship and development of pain education resources and tools to enhance patient satisfaction and provide pain relief.

MCW and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Collaborate to Help Sick Bonobo

May 9 - On a Friday this past November, Dr. Rainer Gedeit, a professor of pediatric critical care at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), was on his way to pick up his mother to run some errands when he got an unusual call. The Milwaukee County Zoo needed help with a sick animal.

MCW to participate in multi-site trial on non-operative management of uncomplicated pediatric appendicitis

Jan. 12 - Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Division of Pediatric Surgery, are conducting a study at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin to examine if non-operative management of uncomplicated pediatric appendicitis is effective and results in less disability and fewer complications as compared to traditional surgery. The non-operative management strategy consists of antibiotics alone without surgery.

MCW's Pain Management Center Provides Comprehensive Chronic Pain Services

The MCW Pain Management Center is a multidisciplinary clinic that uses the latest techniques in pain management procedures and therapies to provide patients with the most comprehensive chronic pain services in the area.

Novel Therapies for Neuropathic Pain

MCW's pain research team in the department of anesthesiology explores mechanisms underlying chronic pain related to nerve injury ("neuropathic pain") and collaborates on novel treatment approaches.

Pain Research Drives Many of MCW's Patient Care Efforts

MCW physicians are conducting and translating research to improve acute and chronic pain care for both adult and pediatric patients.

Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials

Created in 2009. the Pediatric Cancer Clinical Trials Office (PCCTO) is staffed with pediatric cancer specialists from the MCW Cancer Center and administered through Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Pushing Back on Pain With a Pain Psychologist

Read how Kathy Burlingham's search to find effective non-drug-related therapies and techniques to manage her chronic pain brought her to MCW.

Sleep: Appreciated Mostly When It's Lacking

MCW sleep medicine faculty physicians, providers and researchers take a multidisciplinary approach to treating adult and pediatric sleep disorders.

The Power of Clinical Research

An overview of the types of clinical trials, clinical trials participation, clinical trials funding and the role of the IRB at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Transforming pediatric critical care: How data analytics will change your practice

April 27 - Celebrate the career of Tom B. Rice, MD, on June 1-2 through your participation in the second Tom B. Rice Summit. This year’s summit will begin with a workshop by Daniel Burrus, a well-known global futurist, technology expert and author of Flash Foresight. He will lead attendees through his work focused on how to think creatively to approach the future.

Understanding Hypersensitivity to Pain

MCW researchers and physician scientists study the causes of acute and chronic pain and work to develop new pain management technologies and treatment methods.

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