Child Abuse Pediatrics Fellowship
Clinical Training

Outpatient Clinic Services

At the Milwaukee Child Advocacy Center (MCAC), physicians and nurse practitioners perform medical evaluations for child physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. At this location we also perform foster care evaluations. Mental health therapists and forensic interviewers are located on site. The assessments at the MCAC are multi-disciplinary and include observation/review of the forensic interview, conducting a medical interview with the caretaker, an effective and objective medical history with the child, and conducting the physical examination. At the conclusion of the assessment, the fellow explains his/her assessment to the multi-disciplinary team members and works as part of the team to assimilate this medical information into case planning.

Emergency Care

The fellow will take first call for questions and consults from Emergency Services at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. In addition, when on service the Child Abuse Pediatrics fellow will review documentation from the emergency department for potential child maltreatment cases that were not admitted to the hospital in order to make recommendations and arrangements for any necessary follow-up. Emergency Services providers rely on Child Advocacy consultants as a source of information for victims of physical and sexual abuse that present to the ED. This often requires the Child Advocacy physician to perform evaluations personally in the emergency department. After hours, our faculty and the fellow are available for questions by phone and will perform personal evaluations after hours in select cases. In addition to these experiences, the fellow will rotate through the ED one month per year to provide additional exposure to emergent child maltreatment cases and review skills in general pediatrics.

Hospital-based Consult Service

The fellow will be first call for the Child Advocacy & Protection Services (CAPS) consult service at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Children’s Clinics on average every 3-4 days throughout fellowship. The fellow will also take first call for questions from Medical College of Wisconsin and community physicians. The CAPS program performs inpatient consults and chart reviews on physical and sexual abuse and neglect cases, ensuring a wide variety of exposures to all forms of maltreatment. The CAPS inpatient social worker will perform evaluations with the fellow and can provide a wealth of experience in the psychosocial and protective aspects of inpatient child abuse evaluations. The fellow will interface with all medical specialists involved in inpatient assessments. The fellow will also have face to face teaching with radiology and other subspecialty specialists as cases present.

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