How To Apply

Our program will be accepting applications through ERAS. Please apply on the ERAS website. ERAS will start accepting applications for Pediatric Critical Care on July 15. We will access your application and contact you to make interview arrangements.

The stipend levels for the academic year beginning July 1, 2017 are:

  • PGI-$59,260
  • PGII-$60,310
  • PGIII-$61,370
  • PGIV-$62,420
  • PGV-$65,580
  • PGVI-$67,690
  • PGVII-$69,790
  • PGVIII-$71,050

Fellows beginning their fellowship prior to July 1, 2015, will remain MCW employees.

For information about the terms, conditions and benefits of employment:

Professional liability insurance
The MCW Professional Risk Management Department coordinates the professional liability self-insurance program and assures liability coverage with the Wisconsin Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund in excess of the primary annual limits of $1,000,000 per incident and $3,000,000 in the aggregate. Providers are covered for activities within the scope of duties for the MCW.

Fellows beginning their fellowship after July 1, 2015, will be employees of the Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (MCWAH).

See Graduate Medical Education website for information regarding vacations, leaves, insurance, stipends and professional liability.

Contact Us

Department of Pediatrics
Critical Care
9000 W. Wisconsin Ave. MS 681
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Renee Draper
Fellowship Program Coordinator
Pediatrics Critical Care
(414) 266-3392