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The pediatric endocrinology and diabetes clinic is located in the clinics building at Children’s hospital of Wisconsin. Our faculty and staff provide well-rounded exceptional care for our patients and support for families.

Pediatric endocrinology is comprised of board-certified/board-eligible pediatric endocrinologists offering a full range of clinical services for pediatric patients with endocrine and growth disorders that include failure to thrive (height), growth hormone deficiency, delayed or precocious puberty, polycystic ovary syndrome, calcium disorders, thyroid conditions, Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes, bone and metabolic disorders and other rare endocrine disorders.

The diabetes program serves more than 1,500 children with Type I and Type II diabetes. Our dedicated diabetes team and program offers many services and resources. Some services include; inpatient/outpatient education, 24-hour p hone availability, school support, and outpatient insulin pump program. Ongoing research is conducted through the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes.

In addition to the full range of clinical services for pediatric patients, endocrinology offers basic and clinical research activities, and teaching services encompassing the entire scope of pediatric endocrinology & metabolic diseases.

The division has an ACGME-accredited fellowship training program in pediatric endocrinology and diabetes. We accept up to two fellowship physicians per year for three years of training. It is the goal of our fellowship training program to train pediatricians with an interest and potential for continuing in an academic medical career including continued involvement in research and teaching.

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