Research Opportunities

Our faculty is committed to the mentoring of scholarly activities. This commitment has contributed to successful research projects completed by our fellows year-after-year. The list below reflects research interests of many of our faculty members and may be helpful in brainstorming your own research project. Fellows may also conduct research with other MCW faculty as well as faculty from affiliated institutions.

Thomas Abshire, MDThomas Abshire, MD
“My research interests include hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease, and mild bleeding disorders.”

Kristin Bingen, PhDKristin Bingen, PhD
“My research interests include psychosocial functioning and health-related quality of life of childhood cancer survivors of adolescents and young adults, as well as transitional care of adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Amanda Brandow, DOAmanda Brandow, DO
“My clinical research lab is focused on investigating the underlying neurobiology of pain in patients with sickle cell disease. My interest in pain research has also expanded beyond sickle cell disease to studying neuropathic pain in children with cancer who have received neurotoxic chemotherapy."

Meghen Browning, MDMeghen Browning, MD
“My research interests include novel local control modalities for sarcoma, adolescent and young adult sarcoma care, and cellular therapies for solid tumors, especially neuroblastoma.”

Michael Burke, MDMichael Burke, MD
“My research interests are focused on the development of early phase clinical trials involving novel agents and/or combination therapies for relapsed/refractory hematologic neoplasms.”

Bruce Camitta, MDBruce Camitta, MD
“My research interest is in leukemias.”

James Casper, MDJames Casper, MD
“My research interests are in stem cell transplantation and immunology.“

William Drobyski, MD William Drobyski, MD
“My research interests focus on the immunobiology of allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Specifically, I am interested in the pathophysiology of graft versus host disease, pro inflammatory cytokine dysregulation, the immunotherapy of cancer, and immune reconstitution.”

Veronica Flood, MDVeronica Flood, MD
"My research is focused on the coagulation protein von Willebrand factor and its interactions with ligands, including platelets and collagen. My laboratory studies the molecular biology of von Willebrand factor, with an interest in mutations and sequence variations, and their effect on protein function.”

Jill Gershan, PhDJill Gershan, PhD
“The focus of my research in neuroblastoma and breast cancer includes (1) Determining the mechanism(s) that enable epithelial tumor cells to metastasize, (2) Characterizing the contribution of tumor infiltrating immune cells in promoting or preventing a pro-metastatic microenvironment and, (3) Combining immune therapies to promote anti-tumor immune responses. These projects address the synergism between tumor and immune cells that contribute to a pro-metastatic immune suppressive microenvironment. This knowledge is essential for the design of effective immune therapies to prevent relapse and metastasis.”

Joan Gill, MDJoan Gill, MD
"My research interests are in hemophilia and hepatitis C.”

Sandra Haberichter, PhDSandra Haberichter, PhD
"My research interest is von Willebrand Disease."

Paul Harker-Murray, MD, PhDPaul Harker-Murray, MD, PhD
“My research interests are in clinical trials of pediatric patients with relapsed and refractory Hodgkin lymphoma; nanoliposomal irinotecan and cyclophosphamide for relapsed solid tumors; and quality improvement in pediatric hematology, oncology, bone marrow transplant."

Jennifer Hoag, PhDJennifer Hoag, PhD
“My research interests include family adjustment, psychosocial outcomes of bone marrow/peripheral stem cell donation, and school re-integration.”

Bryon Johnson, PhDBryon Johnson, PhD
“My laboratory is interested in exploring combinations of immune therapies for the treatment of hematologic cancers and neuroblastoma. A particular interest has been on identification and blockade of immune inhibitory pathways that are induced by these cancers.”

Michael Kelly, MD, PhDMichael Kelly, MD, PhD
“My research interests are leukemias and vascular tumors.”

David Margolis, MDDavid Margolis, MD
“My research interests are focused on the treatment of children with severe aplastic anemia as well as allogeneic hematopoietic progenitor cell transplant for children with malignant and non-malignant disorders.”

Robert Montgomery, MDRobert Montgomery, MD
“My research interests are: clinical and molecular studies on 650 subject USA VWD cohort; tests to define VWF functions; gene therapy of hemophilia; a through ectopic expression of FVIII in platelets; and the role of VWF pathology in cardiopulmonary bypass in neonates with complex congenital heart disease.”

Julie Panepinto, MDJulie Panepinto, MD
“My research interest is in sickle cell disease and the measurement of patient reported outcomes/health-related quality of life (HRQL) in sickle cell disease. It is my research goal to advance the understanding of alternative outcomes in health beyond tradition medical endpoints and to help frame the impact of therapy from a patient’s perspective. “

Rowena Punzalan, MDRowena Punzalan, MD
“My research interests are in pediatric thrombosis and anticoagulation, and pediatric transfusion medicine.”

Sridhar Rao, MD, PhDSridhar Rao, MD, PhD
“The overall goal of my laboratory is to understand how transcription factors and epigenetic pathways regulate the unique properties of stem cells, whether they are embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, or cancer stem cells.”

J. Paul Scott, MDJ. Paul Scott, MD
“My research interests are neuropsychological complications of Sickle Cell Disease and Novel therapies."

Qizhen Shi, MD, PhDQizhen Shi, MD, PhD
“My research interest is in hemophilia.”

Fritz Sieber, PhDFritz Sieber, PhD
“My research interests are in preclinical development of novel selenium-based anti-cancer agents with emphasis on proteinated subnano particles of elemental selenium. Selenium-based interventions for the prevention and mitigation of therapy-induced toxicities with emphasis on radiation- and chemotherapy-induced hearing loss and cognitive defects.”

Julie-An Talano, MDJulie-An Talano, MD
“My research interests are in alternative bone marrow transplantation for hematologic malignancies and non-malignant disorders and Phase I Cytotoxic T cells for immune reconstitution post transplantation. I am currently the Director of Clinical Research in Bone Marrow Transplantation.”

Monica Thakar, MDMonica Thakar, MD
“My research interests are in NK cell immunotherapy, non-myeloablative transplants, and Fanconi Anemia.”

Richard L. Tower, II, MD, MS Richard L. Tower, II, MD, MS
“My research interest is in the effects of leukemia therapies, communication with patients and families, and medical education."

David Wilcox, PhDDavid Wilcox, PhD
“My research interests are in hematopoietic stem cell gene therapy aimed using platelets to correct inherited bleeding disorder. The goal of my research is to utilize hematopoietic stem cells as a target for gene therapy for common and rare inherited bleeding disorders."

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