Resident Education

Hematology/Oncology/Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant (HOT unit) Rotation

The purpose of this website is to:

  1. Introduce you to the rotation.
  2. Provide you some overview lectures.
  3. Provide links to more educational opportunities.

This website and its contents will always be a work in progress. Please send a quick email with positive comments or constructive criticisms so we can tailor the website to your needs!


Dr. Dave Margolis

Useful Resources

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  Educational Resources

The purpose for providing these links is to provide for you a reasonable set of educational references. The links are from the American Society of Hematology (ASH) website dedicated to education. Specifically, these are the ASH educational book website and the ASH image bank website. The ASH education book provides updated comprehensive reviews of individual topics. The ASH image bank provides hematology slides to review blood cell morphology findings. These are often linked with interesting case descriptions and information regarding common childhood cancers.

ASH Education Book

ASH Image Bank

NCI Childhood Cancer Link

Children's Oncology Group