Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Residency Program Schedule

The program offers superb training in both disciplines and is fully integrated. The first year is entirely pediatrics and takes full advantage of the outstanding training opportunities at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the first year curriculum is identical that of pediatric categorical interns and includes the pediatric continuity clinic experience. The integrated curriculum also includes monthly Anesthesia education days.

The second year is devoted to anesthesiology and resident begins the first year in anesthesiology fully integrated into the Anesthesiology Residency Program. The Anesthesia curriculum maintains integration with the Pediatric residency with a monthly pediatric continuity clinic experience.

After the second year, the resident will split time between the two disciplines in 6 or 7 four-week blocks. Throughout the remaining three years integration is maintained: when residents are participating in the pediatrics curriculum, they will have anesthesiology educational days once a month (Grand Rounds, Case Conferences, Morbidity and Mortality Conferences, Year Group Breakout Sessions, etc.) and while participating in the anesthesiology curriculum they will have a monthly pediatric continuity clinic.

Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Residency Program Schedule (PDF)

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