Research Areas

Cardiovascular physiology

Cardiovascular Physiology

Getting to the heart of human and animal physiology. This research is aimed at understanding fundamental principles of cardiovascular regulation and disease using a wide range of scientific techniques.

Computational biology and bioinformatics

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Harnessing the power of the computer to understand biology and the function of complex animal systems.

Genetics and genomics

Genetics and Genomics

How do our genes contribute to our health and well being? Genetics and genomics study complex and common disorders and their underlying genetic basis using humans and animal models.



How do our bodies use what we put into them? How does exercise affect this? How do our physiology and hormones regulate our body systems? What metabolic alterations cause obesity and diabetes?

Molecular and cellular physiology

Molecular and Cellular Physiology

To understand how organs and complex body systems work, the function of molecules and cells must first be understood. Only when we know this can we analyze diseases and learn how to treat or cure them.



Using our brains to understand our brains. How does the brain and neural system control breathing at various stages of maturity and in response to environmental and physical stressors? Other projects focus on stroke and reducing the neural deficits that result from it.

Renal physiology

Renal Physiology

How do kidney function and blood flow work to regulate blood pressure? We use every approach from in vivo to in vitro to the genetic analysis of hypertension to understand this major health issue.

Respiratory physiology

Respiratory Physiology

Take a deep breath. Aren't you glad you can do it? What happens to make respiratory systems fail? Can failure be prevented?